RUMOR: Marvel Comics May Be Heading to the West Coast

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UPDATE Feb. 1 8:83 AM ET: CBR has been informed by a high-level Marvel spokesperson that reports of Marvel Comics moving to Los Angeles are false.

While Marvel Comics has been located in New York City for the entirely of its existence, the comics publisher could be pondering a move to the West Coast.

According to a rumor reported by The Beat's Heidi MacDonald, Marvel could be considering moving its Midtown Manhattan offices to the West Coast, where it would be closer to Marvel Studios, Marvel's film division and Disney, its corporate parent company.

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Like Spider-Man, the Avengers and many of its other heroes, the legendary Marvel Bullpen has always been headquartered somewhere in New York City. While there's no concrete confirmation on the move, it's reportedly been discussed for years.

Most of Marvel's freelance creators don't necessarily operate out of Marvel's New York offices, but it's still the main base of operations for Marvel's editors and the publisher's other administrative staff. As The Beat notes, Marvel's move to the West Coast could very well lead to personnel changes too.

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On a more symbolic level, Marvel's potential move to the West Coast would signal the end of an era for New York publishing and mark a paradigm shift for the comic book industry as a whole.

The other historical titan of Manhattan comics publishing, DC, left its longtime New York home for the West Coast in 2014.

When Marvel's predecessor, Timely Comics, was formed in 1939, it was based out 330 West 42nd Street. Since then, the Marvel offices bounced between NYC landmarks like the Empire State Building, Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue before settling in its current offices on W. 50th Street.

At the time of reporting, Marvel representatives have not responded to a request for comment.

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