RUMOR: "Justice League's" Dafoe To Play Atlantean, "Aquaman" Being Rewritten

A few new rumors surrounding "Justice League" have popped up in the past few days, including word that the film's big bad may not actually be Darkseid, but rather Steppenwolf. And now Birth.Movies.Death. has what they called "half a scoop" regarding Willem Dafoe's character in the film.

Dafoe was cast back in April, but his role remains a mystery. Unnamed sources have informed B.M.D. that Dafoe will be playing an Atlantean -- although which Atlantean is not specified. B.M.D. adds that other sources have Dafoe pegged as playing a good guy. Besides Aquaman himself, there are a couple of Atlanteans this could describe, like Vulko, Arion or even Poseidon.

Those sources also say that a majority of "Justice League" will be shot on sets against a green screen, so director Zack Snyder can "utilize background replacement" like he did on "300." This will both allow him greater control over the look of the film and keep set photos from location shoots from leaking online.

Additionally, B.M.D. states that "Aquaman" has gone back to a page one rewrite in the last week, although there's been no official confirmation from Warner Bros. about the state of the film's script. Rumors swirled a few weeks ago that "Aquaman" director James Wan might exit the project following the departure of "Flash" helmer Seth Grahame-Smith. Wan later denied those rumors.

"Justice League Part One" arrives in theaters on November 17, 2017; "Aquaman" is currently slated for a July 27, 2018 release.

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