RUMOR: Justice League Dark Film Eying This New Director

Justice League Dark

With director Doug Liman having recently departed the project, Warner Bros. is currently on the hunt for a new director for its upcoming Justice League Dark film. And while IT director Andy Muschietti is said to be on the studio's shortlist, thanks to a new report from the folks over at Popcorn Talk, there's another director to add to the mix: Argentinean helmer Damián Szifron.

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As of right now, it appears Szifron has only been approached for the project by Warner Bros, however, should he ultimately end up taking over behind the camera, it would make for the second big project that the director has attached himself to in recent years. Back in 2015, it was announced that Szifron was set to write and direct the The Six Billion Dollar Man reboot with Mark Wahlberg in the leading role, however, things have since quieted on that front.

Compared to recent hires such as Joss Whedon (Batgirl), Matt Reeves (The Batman), and the rumored candidates for The Flash and Man of Steel 2, Szifron is a rather unexpected choice. He's not a widely known writer and director, although he has gained recognition internationally with his work on titles such as Wild Tales and Hermanos y detectives, making him a riskier choice for the studio which has, so far, stuck to bigger names for its DC Extended Universe of films.

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With the studio actively looking for someone to take over the project in Liman's absence, it's only a matter of time before a new director will be officially announced.

Produced by Scott Rudin and written by Michael Gilio, Justice League Dark does not yet have a release date.

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