RUMOR: Jena Malone Set To Play Iconic DC Hero In "Batman v Superman"

Between Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Lex Luthor, Zack Snyder's incoming film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is already chock full of appearances by the denizens of the DC Comics Universe. But if a new rumor is to be believed, the film will add one more caped crusader to its lineup.

Latino Review is reporting that actress Jena Malone will play the part of Barbara Gordon in "Batman v Superman." The actress has been rumored to be a part of the production for months, but the closest to any real info that's arrived on that front have been reports in the Hollywood trades with no official confirmation from the actress or Warner Bros.

Malone previously appeared in Snyder's "Suckerpunch" and has recently played a part in another big action franchise with a role in the "Hunger Games" series. If she is in fact playing Barbara Gordon, there's no word as to whether she'll suit up in the film as Batgirl or not, but it would be the first time the iconic role originated by Yvonne Craig has been played in live action since the short-lived "Birds of Prey" TV series in 2002 (aside from an unnamed cameo in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight").

"Batman v Superman" arrives March 25, 2016. Who knows how many more superheroes might get added between now and then?

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