RUMOR: Ewan McGregor Up For Lead Role In Marvel's "Doctor Strange"

The list of potential leading men for Marvel's upcoming "Doctor Strange" film keeps getting longer and longer. With previous choice Joaquin Phoenix now out of the running, the usual suspects (Jared Leto, Oscar Isaac) are in play once again in addition to a few new names. Ethan Hawke has thrown his hat into the other-dimensional ring, and plenty of people would like to see Keanu Reeves don the Strange cloak. You can now add one more name to the list of contenders: Ewan McGregor.

A new source has contacted Badass Digest, claiming Ewan McGregor has been preparing for the role. One of the site's trusted sources then confirmed this development, saying that Marvel is "looking at him" for the role of Doctor Strange.

This is obviously still a rumor, but if true, it would mark McGregor's return to a big time franchise following his appearance in 2005's "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith."

"Doctor Strange" has a rumored release date of July 8, 2016.

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