Rumor: Disney Could Replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Is it time for a new actor to don the famous fedora? If certain scheduling needs aren't meant, it's possible Disney will replace Harrison Ford for the fifth Indiana Jones film.

That's according to Latino Review's anonymous sources, who contend that if the 71-year-old actor isn't on board by an unspecified deadline, the studio is prepared to recast the iconic role with a younger star. The rumor is that Bradley Cooper is high on the list of potential replacements, and that Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead) has pitched an idea for a script.

Disney purchased rights to the Indiana Jones franchise in December, more than a year after the studio acquired Lucasfilm and Star Wars, so clearly there are plans for the character. And Ford isn't getting any younger, making many of the stunts associated with the role less likely (or at least less believable).

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