RUMOR: DCEU Gets An Updated Movie Slate

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Following the restructuring of Warner Bros.' superhero film division and an updated movie slate in the wake of Justice League's disappointment, new rumors have surfaced surrounding what DC films will be made next. This list indicates that the DC Extended Universe will soon add Man of Steel 2 and Nightwing.

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Both movies were left off the previously updated slate. With Aquaman already in its final stages and Shazam! underway, Flashpoint, Suicide Squad 2, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps, The Batman and Justice League Dark, were mentioned in that list. However, this brand new reshuffling suggests that Man of Steel 2 and Nightwing will be joined by Wonder Woman 2, unsurprisingly, as well as Suicide Squad 2, Flashpoint and The Batman.

With regards to the new slate, Suicide Squad 2 is gaining momentum, Flashpoint has new directors again, and Wonder Woman 2 is being scripted, but we're still waiting to see if Ben Affleck will continue as Matt Reeves' Batman. As for Man of Steel 2, Matt Vaughn has been linked as a replacement for Zack Snyder, who brought a triumphant Superman back to the DCEU, while the Nightwing movie is still casting.

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As for the movies that are now left off, Doug Liman is reportedly interested in Justice League Dark once more after leaving Gambit, while there's no confirmation on Joss Whedon moving forward with Batgirl and if the Green Lantern Corps will indeed be made. In other words, take everything with a pinch of salt until the next DCEU update comes along.

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