RUMOR: DC Seeking Creative Talent to Join "Batman" Ongoing Series

DC Comics is reaching out to writer and artists to potentially join its flagship "Batman" title, according to a rumor published Thursday by Bleeding Cool. The unconfirmed report states DC is "making enquiries of certain writers and artists" to gauge interest in joining "Batman," including creators who are currently under exclusive contract with Marvel. DC Comics declined comment on the rumor when reached by CBR News.

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo have been on board "Batman" since the dawn of the New 52 era in September 2011, with the series a consistent commercial and critical success ever since. In October, it surfaced that Capullo would take a break from the series after April 2016's "Batman" #51, to work on a creator-owned project with writer Mark Millar, with Snyder remaining on the seires.

"Greg is going to take a little break after issue #51," Snyder said during a panel at this year's New York Comic Con. "It's going to be very short. He and I have known this for a long time. He's going to do a short project with Mark Millar. I'm going to stay on 'Batman.'"

The Bleeding Cool article says it's not clear if DC's moves are to replace Snyder and Capullo or the publisher "working out their options" on the series. In an interview with CBR also at NYCC 2015, Snyder and Capullo discussed reuniting at DC after Capullo's project with Millar for "something bigger and better," with both creators suggesting it may be a project outside of the "Batman" ongoing series.

"I couldn't be happier for him and I'm thrilled that part of the plan we talked about was him coming back," Snyder told CBR. "And I talked to DC about when he comes back, I want to do something bigger and better."

"I have every intention of rejoining Scott for a super project that is in development," Capullo added. "Scott and I have always talked about how we've had such great success on Batman, where do we go from here? We can't really go any higher. At best we can move left or right, a lateral move. But then DC had some ideas and have tapped us for this thing we're going to do together that we feel will probably be even more explosive than what we've done thus far. So, this one is going to go to 11."

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