RUMOR: Brainiac and the Suicide Squad Top Rumored DC Film Moves

Of late, DC Entertainment has been putting an aggressive movie slate on the fast track. And according to one Hollywood blogger, two more big pieces just fell into place.

Latino Review's Umberto Gonzalez offers the rumor that in the upcoming "Justice League" screenplay by Chris Terrio, the main villain of the film will be Superman heavy Brainiac. What this means for long-rumored big bad Darkseid is unclear, though no matter what, director Zack Snyder will be at the helm.

The tipster also claims knowledge of the characters that will be used in the DC film version of "The Suicide Squad" with Batman foe Blockbuster, Firestorm villain Multiplex, speedster Jaculi, punk telepath Mindboggler, future Justice Leaguer Vixen and Squad headliners Deadshot and Captain Boomerang (referred to in the piece as Harkness).

While some of those characters are well known to "Suicide Squad" readers, others stretch the definition of C-lister. Whether that means they'll be cannon fodder or if they'll show up on film at all remains to be seen.

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