Rummaging through the attic

Maybe it's spring cleaning time, or maybe everyone is just on a history kick, but it seems like bloggers are coming up with all sorts of interesting bits and pieces of comics history lately.

At Thought Balloonists, Charles Hatfield posts 25 vintage Dick Giordano covers to mark the artist's passing, while at The Comics Journal, Gary Groth resurrects a 1980 interview with Giordano (part one of three).

This isn't quite as old, but Jeet Heer finally gets around to posting the transcript of a 2005 panel that included Chip Kidd, Seth, and Chris Ware (part one, part two).

And as Chris mentioned earlier this month, Steve Bissette has been recounting the battle between freelancers and editors over in-house censorship at Marvel and DC, complete with all sorts of interesting ephemera. He seems to have wound up the series, so Scott McCloud provides a handy index, and Mark Evanier provides a summary and some commentary.

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