Ruling in Gaiman vs. McFarlane case spawns a Twitter feud

In the days following last week's ruling in the long-running copyright dispute between Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman, we heard from Gaiman, countless fans on both sides, and an Image Comics founder. However, we didn't get comment from McFarlane -- that is, until last night.

"Neil Gaiman has the absolute right to defend his position," he wrote on Twitter. "That's one of the great privileges we all have in this country."

That's it; just two sentences. That's in stark contrast to Erik Larsen, who has tweeted on the subject more than 50 times since early Monday. His flurry of comments, which were largely critical of Gaiman, drew a few replies from the writer.

"Waves. Hi Erik," Gaiman tweeted last night. "When Todd comes out of bankruptcy you owe me $40,000. [...] Of course @erikjlarsen is grumpy over me winning again. He ran Image when the 1st round of the case gave me a $40,000 judgment against them. Last time @erikjlarsen blamed the loss not on Todd breaking the law, but on a female jury (& now on a female judge?) http://bit.ly/cbrs8i."

This morning, Larsen fired back at Gaiman's initial tweet with, "what did *I* ever do to you? Seriously. What was it that *I* personally did to you which would warrant such a thing?" Minutes later, he added: "How did you ever come up with Spawn on a horse, @neilhimself?"

When one Twitter follower, Brandon Fox, replied, "Dude, a judge, a jury, & the court of public opinion ALL believe @neilhimself deserves a portion of a characters he CO-created," Larsen answered: "and a jury decided OJ Simpson didn't kill his wife. What's your point?"

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