Rufus Dayglo offers peek at Solid Gold Death Mask, teases new Ashley Wood collaboration

Rufus Dayglo has been relatively quiet since leaving the Tank Girl franchise in early 2011, but he's been regularly trailing a new series, Solid Gold Death Mask, on his blog/Tumblr for a while now. The new series looks like it's not a million miles away stylistically from his work on Alan Martin's signature character, and Dayglo's sterling work there (six volumes' worth over four years) means I'm eagerly anticipating his next move.

Rufus writes:

I'm hard at work on SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK with my friend Sofie Dodgson for 3A, Ashley Wood's company.  The first book (and yes it will be a book, and digital too) will be available for the summer. It features two sisters named Bang Tidy and Death Hag,  Death, arrows, spilt tea, and shitloads of werewolves and penguins.

[...] I'll also be collaborating with Ashley Wood on a new book that he'll be announcing very soon. It's going to be epically fun... and will hopefully please 3A fans old and new! I'm really really excited about it ... I get to draw lots of my new favourite things...

I'm also working with 3A on toy designs...and we hope to announce more very very soon!


Hmm, working with Ash Wood on a book that'll "hopefully please 3A fans old and new"? Ooh, could a Popbot revival be on the cards?

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