Rudd And Mann Reprise Knocked Up Roles For Apatow's 2012 Not-Sequel

The complicated marital relationship between Pete and Debbie (played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann) in Judd Apatow's 2007 comedy Knocked Up was arguably the high point of that film. Their vicious bickering isn't exactly the model of a healthy relationship, but it made for excellent laughs. Especially brought to life as it was by those two potent forces in all things funny. Apatow, who it's worth noting enjoys his own life of real-world wedded bliss with Mann, apparently saw greater potential in his wife's on screen chemistry with Rudd, to the point hat he was convinced to bring the duo back for a big screen story that is all their own.

The movie will be neither a prequel nor a sequel, but rather a spinoff. Which is great. Anything that can be spoken of with the word "spinoff" is automatically great. (And no, a CBR Death Squad did not force me to say that.) Apatow confirmed the news to HitFix after a number of other outlets reported in with word of the film this morning.

He said that the movie will pick up in a different part of the couple's life together. "It is just a story from Pete and Debbie's current life. People really responded to their characters and problems. I felt like there was a lot of ground I could explore with them, so we'll be shooting in July and will come out the following June. There are some fun details yet to reveal but I will let them come out slowly."

Fun details, eh? Can't imagine what that might entail. Apatow hasn't had a big win on the scale of The 40-Year-Old Virgin since... well... The 40-Year-Old Virgin, so it's fair to say that he's due to entertain us again with his brand of scathingly funny comedy. With Rudd and Mann taking center stage, success is a likelihood. It's going to be a while before we find out though; the untitled comedy will shoot this summer and hit theaters at roughly the same time in 2012.

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