Rucka, Evely to Give Cheetah a DC Rebirth Origin in Wonder Woman

In "Wonder Woman" #8, writer Greg Rucka and artist Bilquis Evely ("Sugar & Spike") will team up to give Cheetah the "Rebirth" treatment for DC Comics, including a new origin. The 'interlude' episode will focus on Cheetah's past and how the young Barbara Ann Minerva is "sent on a quest to find answers to the Amazons’ most ancient secrets."

Created by "Wonder Woman" creator William Moulton Marston in 1943, Cheetah first appeared as "Priscilla Rich" in "Wonder Woman" #6 in 1943. However, Rucka deciding to go with the "post-Crisis" incarnation of Cheetah, the neurotic archaeologist "Barbara Ann Minerva," shows that he wants to keep the "Year One" storyline firmly embedded in myth and history.

"We visit a lot of different places and archaeological reference points," Evely told DCComics.com. "which means I get to have a lot of fun! I think the readers will never see Barbara Ann in the same way again, after what Greg has been doing here!"

Choosing to team up with a different artist for the interlude of #8 -- rather than work with regular "Year One" artist Nicola Scott -- is another example of the "Wonder Woman" Rebirth creative team using different artistic styles to maintain continuity within the different storylines.

"The 'interlude' issue arose very organically out of the stories we've been telling in both Year One with Nicola Scott, and The Lies, with Liam Sharp," said Rucka. "The opportunity to focus on Cheetah, on the origins of Barbara Ann Minerva, is one of those decisions that I think is going to add even more to what we’re doing."

Fans can read "Wonder Woman" #8 when it arrives October 12 from DC Comics.

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