Rucka and Williams working on a new Batwoman title for next year

Writer Greg Rucka has revealed that he and Detective Comics collaborator J.H. Williams III are reuniting for a Batwoman series that will debut late in 2010.

"Jim and I are going to be -- I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying this -- but we're starting work on what will be a Batwoman title," Rucka told John Siuntres of the Word Balloon podcast. "Our initial plan had been, you know, 12 issues on Detective and, for a variety of reasons in-house ... the last five parts will be told later in 2010."

Rucka and Williams' final issue of Detective, #860, hits stores today. It will be followed by a three-issue arc by Rucka and Jock.

It's unclear from the writer's comments whether the Batwoman title will be a miniseries or an ongoing. However, he said that he and Williams will craft a new story for the first issue "that will allow people who haven't read Detective to come in blind and be satisfied. ... That's the big plan right now."

As for Rucka's future on Detective, the writer said, "There is some discussion as to whether or not I should stick around and write somebody else in a Bat-costume." He said that he told Executive Editor Dan Didio, "Don't be foolish: If you give me Detective and think Kate [Kane] ain't gonna be in it, you're daft."

This, of course, isn't the first time a solo series has been discussed for Batwoman. The introduction of the new version of the character -- lesbian socialite Kate Kane -- in summer 2006 was met with a hail of mainstream-media coverage. But a long-rumored Batwoman series faced one delay after another, which some chalked up to DC's nervousness about any potential effect the character's sexual orientation could have on the lucrative Bat-brand.

Finally, in February 2009, it was confirmed that the long-awaited Batwoman comic by Rucka and Williams would become an arc of Detective Comics beginning with June's Issue 854, timed to coincide with the "death"-induced absence of Batman.

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