Rucka And Brubaker take on 'Gotham Central'

Thursday Ed Brubaker, in an interview with CBR to be appearing shortly, briefly mentioned some news about an upcoming project coming from DC Comics in 2002.

"Michael Lark ('Terminal City,' 'Hawkman Legends') and Greg Rucka ('Queen and Country') and I will be working on a new series called 'Gotham Central,'" said Brubaker. "Greg will write three issues and then I'll write three issues."

Regarding the length of series Brubaker commented, "It will be an ongoing series until they decide to end it."

"It's about cops in Gotham City and what it's like being a cop in the DCU. There's a lot of commercial potential. I'd compare it to Busiek's 'Marvels' series. We've seen the superhero world through the eyes of a reporter, I wanted to work on a book that showed that world through the eyes of the cops."

Brubaker said he wanted Gotham Central to explore themes such as, "How does it feel when you can't solve a case and the commissioner has to go upstairs and flick the switch on the Bat-Signal?"

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