<i>Rubicon's</i> James Badge Dale Joins Post-Apocalyptic <i>World War Z</i>

After multiple teases, it looks like World War Z, the adaptation of Max Brooks' excellent dystopian novel that offers an oral history of the zombie apocalypse, is really, actually happening.

It's been a long road for the movie, but things seemed more certain when Brad Pitt, who also produces, was set as the star last year. Now James Badge Dale, star of HBO's The Pacific and AMC's Rubicon, has joined the cast as well, Variety reports. Paramount didn't comment on the news, but Variety reveals that Dale will play Captain Speke, an American soldier who learns of the rising threat and ends up being confined to a military detention center when he tries to warn his superiors.

Marc Forster is directing with a script from Matthew Carnahan that builds off of J. Michael Straczynski's earlier writing. The original script reportedly maintained some semblance of the book's oral-history elements, and Pitt's role as a researcher for the U.N. Postwar Commission seems to indicate that the framing device wasn't lost in the rewrite. It's one of the best elements of the book, the feeling that we're looking back over this horrific event, and it's important for properly capturing the spirit of the book in a movie.

In related news, UK outlet The Daily Record reports that shooting will begin this summer in Glasgow, which will be made up to look like Philadelphia.

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