Venom Director Says There’s ‘No Real Hero’ in the Film


If you were expecting director Ruben Fleischer's Venom film to have a typical hero, think again. Fleischer has now explained that the film lacks a "real hero" and talked a bit about the tone and uniqueness of the movie.

"I was really excited about just bringing something new to the genre." Fleischer told Entertainment Weekly. "I feel like the tone of our movie is really original and distinctive, which is totally appropriate for the character, as Venom is a darker, more violent, more menacing character. I think our movie feels distinctive from a lot of the other superhero movies, in part because there's no real hero in it."

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"So it's just a movie that kind of stands on its own, led by incredible performances by fine actors such as [Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed]." Fleischer continued. "But Tom really just is -- I think people are going to be blown away by what he brings to the table with both Eddie Brock and Venom. His performance is incredible, and sets the bar for the film."

The second trailer for the film accrued over 64.3 million views within 24 hours breaking Wonder Woman‘s previous 24 hour record as fans could finally see Brock’s monstrous transformation while the first trailer merely hinted at the symbiote’s presence. Since the second trailer’s debut, official marketing for the film has adopted the hashtag #WeAreVenom. Venom is expected to adhere close to Venom: Lethal Protector, a 1993 limited series starring the anti-hero.

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Arriving in theaters Oct. 5, Venom stars Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Scott Haze and Reed Scott.

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