Roy Thomas Returns to "Red Sonja"

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Runnemede, NJ -- With Dynamite back on track with the monthly Red Sonja comic book series - and both of the Red Sonja One-Shots having sold out (One More Day and Red Sonja Goes East!), the company has released images and information on a trio of incredible Red Sonja comics and collectibles shipping to stores in June. And leading the way is a one shot featuring Roy Thomas' return to Red Sonja and the Hyborean Age!

"Roy is one of the comic industry's masters, and his history with the Hyborean age is legendary. We're very proud to work with him on this special one-shot!," commented DYNAMITE SPOKESPERSON J. ALLEN. "June is filled to bursting with more She-Devil goodness (Hint, our issue #12 of the regular series has covers by Jim Lee and George Perez and features the "big reveal" of the villain behind all of Red Sonja's troubles) and Roy's returning to the character he help define nothing short of 'dynamite'!"

The month begins with the return of a legend as Roy (Conan, Red Sonja) Thomas pens his first new Sonja tale for Dynamite!

The RED SONJA MONSTER ISLAND ONE SHOT (APR063073) also features interior art by Pablo Marcos and Caesar Rodriguez as the creative team drops Sonja smack dab in the middle of "Monster Island!" – filled with deformed men, beasts and creatures of all shapes and sizes! Look for two covers, one by Marcos and the other by Cliff (Batman) Chiang!

For art and more information, please visit:http://www.dynamiteentertainment.com/htmlfiles/p-C104908.html

And the collections of Red Sonja's classic adventures continues as Dynamite prepares the ADVENTURES OF RED SONJA VOL 2 SHE DEVIL WITH SWORD TPB (APR063075), featuring two covers by Frank Thorne, shipping in equal ratio.

This new volume contains the Red Sonja tales from Red Sonja #1-7, presented in glorious, fully re-mastered color. These tales are where it all begins, and help set the stage for the current Red Sonja series! This is a must-have collection of never-before reprinted material, featuring cover art by Frank Thorne! Plus, legendary Red Sonja writer and former Editor-in-chief, Roy Thomas provides an introduction!

For art and more information, please visit:http://www.dynamiteentertainment.com/htmlfiles/p-C104911.html

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