How Roxxon Quietly Became the Biggest Threat in the MCU (After Thanos)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Roxxon Oil Corporation is back in a big way. The mega conglomerate, which debuted in 2008's Iron Man, will return to menace the heroes of Freeform's upcoming Cloak & Dagger series. However, this is far from the first time the company has had a large presence in the MCU, though it does appear to be its most ominous role to date. Here's the history of Marvel's Roxxon -- so far.

Chronologically in the MCU's timeline, Roxxon's first major appearance took place in 1946 during Agent Carter Season 1. Right off the bat, Roxxon was in the center of the action. When Howard Stark realized his Bad Babies -- that is, "inventions too dangerous for anyone, even my friends" -- were stolen, he sent Peggy to track them down. She soon discovered molecular Nitramene, an explosive strong enough to "level a city block," at Roxxon's Red Hook Refinery. According to Stark's partner Dr. Anton Vanko, Red Hook Refinery was the only one in the area "capable" of making something like Nitramene.

When Peggy and Edwin Jarvis showed up to Red Hook Refinery, they discovered a building "well-armed for a mothball facility." In addition to an electric fence, the place was surrounded by armed guards. Nevertheless, Peggy was able to sneak inside, where she discovered a Roxxon employee named Miles Van Ert developing Nitramene bombs for Leet Brannis, an ex-Leviathan agent.

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Unfortunately for Roxxon head Hugh Jones, Van Ert and Brannis soon became aware of Peggy's presence in the Red Hook Refinery. In an effort to escape, Brannis agent set off a Nitramene bomb, giving Peggy just 30 seconds to escape. She and Jarvis managed to get away in the nick of time, but witnessed firsthand the destruction wrought by Nitramene. The building completely imploded, leaving only a ball of debris behind: "An entire chemical refinery squashed into that."

"Port Authority says Roxxon Refinery just blew up," Agent Daniel Sousa announced following the Nitramene's detonation. "They can't find the building."

Outside of Van Ert's involvement, it's unclear how involved Jones was in the development of these Nitramene bombs, though the building's security suggests he at least knew about it. However, Jones never shied away from opportunity, so long as it benefited him. In Season 2, he -- and Roxxon by extension -- was revealed to be part of the Council of Nine, an Illuminati-like group of businessmen and influential leaders who used their powers to their own ends. For instance, the Council caused the Great Depression for their own gain: "I'm still living off the dividends from the crash of '29, a crash that Tom [Gloucester] here had the vision to orchestrate," Jones revealed.

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As a member of the Council, Jones voted to dissolve Isodyne Energy, "a development laboratory dedicated to fuel initiatives in the 20th century" that discovered Zero Matter. Zero Matter, an element comprised entirely of pure negative energy, would later be called Darkforce. Isodyne Energy stumbled upon Zero Matter after the development of the A-bomb launched an atomic arms race that involved other big name technology companies, like Stark Industries and -- of course -- Roxxon.

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