Warner Bros. Exec Responds to Roxane Gay’s Offer to Write Batgirl Film

Roxane Gay Batgirl movie

A New York Times bestselling author has tossed her name into the ring to write Warner Bros.' Batgirl.

Mere hours after it was announced that Joss Whedon had exited the project after he came to the realization that "I really didn’t have a story," Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay offered to take a crack at the screenplay. "Hey DC Comics," she tweeted, "I can write your Batgirl movie, no prob."

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She's one of many female writers to express interest in the film, joining the likes of Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras and comic book writer Gail Simone. However, Gay appears to be the first to receive a (public) response from anyone at Warner Bros. Michelle Wells, a vice president at Warner Bros. Entertainment, told Gay to send her an email if she was serious about the offer. Gay assured her that she was, and promised to contact her.

The initial report about Whedon's departure suggested Warner Bros. may be searching for a woman as his replacement.

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Gay, who last year released the memoir Hunger, is no stranger to comics, as she co-wrote Marvel's Black Panther spinoff World of Wakanda with poet Yona Harvey.

After last year's Justice League failed to perform as hoped at the box office, the studio has attempted to rebuild its DC Comics-based movie slate, bringing in new executives to oversee the projects. Warner Bros. announced earlier this week that it has hired Chantal Nong as the new vice president of production of the DC film group.

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