Routh's Ray Palmer Gets Shirtless in New "Arrow" Photos

Brandon Routh is about to join the shirtless men club on next week's episode of "Arrow." In promotional photos for the Nov. 19 episode, "Draw Back Your Bow," Routh's Ray Palmer is doing his best Oliver Queen impression as he takes on the salmon ladder part of his workout.

Of course, "Arrow" has a tradition of showing off the bare chests and abs of its male leads -- as seen in promotional posters for the second season of four of the show's male stars.

Additionally, the CW has released a number of other photographs and a video for "Draw Back Your Bow," which will further introduce Amy Gumenick as Cupid, the archer obsessed with gaining the Arrow's love. Also included in the photographs are the standard shots of Team Arrow and potential evidence of the burgeoning romance between Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak.

Check out the video and the gallery below. "Draw Back Your Bow" is scheduled to air 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 19 on The CW.

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