Routh Reflects On "Superman Returns": "I Wouldn't Change Much"

On the tenth anniversary of the release of "Superman Returns," lead actor Brandon Routh took part in a Reddit AMA to celebrate his star-making turn as the iconic superhero and reflect on the film. Despite a "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a nearly $400 million worldwide haul, the film is remembered less-fondly than many other superhero movies by comic book fans. But, as Routh revealed during his Q&A, his Superman film remains close to his heart.

"'Superman Returns' has been my favorite project," said Routh when asked which of his many characters he most identifies with. "I probably identify with Ray Palmer and Clark Kent the most." Ray Palmer is the character Routh currently plays in the CW's shared universe of DC Comics dramas; he currently plays the size-changing scientist on "Legends of Tomorrow."

When asked if there was anything he'd change about his time on set, he said he "wouldn't change much." Routh added, "However, I'd go back and film the Kent Farm House scene with Martha and Kal-El talking about his journey back to Krypton. It was the first scene we shot, and I was very nervous! Superman has had a tremendously positive effect on my life and I'm so grateful for it." But that first day of filming did give Routh a treasured memory: "Writing in my journal while I sat in Clark's room upstairs."

While a sequel for "Superman Returns" was not meant to be, Routh still had ideas for who he would have liked to have seen in the unmade follow-up. Routh would have liked to have fought Brainiac and Bizarro in a "Superman Returns" sequel. He also added, when asked which supervillain he'd like to play, that it "would be fun to play Bizarro."

Routh signed off of the AMA with a message for all the fans that supported the film upon its release in 2006, and all the ones that have found it over the last decade: "Thanks for watching 'Superman Returns' whenever you did over the last 10 years! I'm very proud of the film and grateful that it continues to be enjoyed after all this time."

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