'Route 66' Remake Revs Up

The world has changed quite a bit since the 1960s, but Slingshot Global Media thinks the simple premise of two guys driving around the country in a cool car can be a hit.

According to Deadline, the company is working on remake of the classic television series Route 66, with an eye toward the the country's changed landscape.

“The original series was hugely popular not only in the U.S., but also internationally, and we thought this could be a great concept to reformulate for the modern era,” Slingshot Global Media CEO David Ellender said in a statement. “The premise is the same, but the United States is a different landscape than it was 50 years ago and we can’t wait to explore the multitude of diverse social issues confronting the nation today.”

Route 66, which featured Martin Milner, George Maharis and later Glenn Corbett driving cross-country in a Corvette, aired from 1960 to 1964 on CBS. Each episode found the stars pulling into a new town, becoming involved with the locals and moving on by the end.

“In our remake of Route 66, we hope to recapture the classic American storytelling that characterized the original series, but infuse it with more high octane action and contemporary social and political conflicts,” added executive producer Kirk Hallam.

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