"Rotten" Zombie Palin Comic Book

Official Press ReleaseA zombie Sarah Palin?

An insufferable hate-monger named "Bill O'Malley?"

Evolution protestors who are like a laughable parody of the Boston Tea Party?

All that and much more is in the latest issue of the critically-acclaimed comic book, ROTTEN (Moonstone Books), in stores this week! As Andrew Sullivan wrote on his Atlantic blog, "A comic book goes there." And a couple of unlikely creators went there.

Gimmicks to stir up controversy? ROTTEN has been praised by critics and the biggest names in comics for its storytelling, its thrilling action and horror, and its blend of undead in the old West that "simultaneously reinvent and revitalize the genre" (Pop Culture Zoo). It's also the only mainstream comic book to integrate brutal current-events commentary into its ongoing plot.

SERIES PREMISE: Civil War vet William Wade is stop-lossed into service by the new president who stole office: Rutherford B. Hayes. The reluctant agent's mission with partner J.J. Flynn: investigate a terror crisis that everyone's lying about. Wade and Flynn travel to outbreaks of the living dead around America, exterminate them and attempt to discover their cause. The apocalypse? A curse? A virus? No one knows, but the things are manifesting in different species in each place!

No. 7 begins the most explosive storyline yet with "Revival of the Fittest." It's a talker. Wade investigates an outbreak in a Northwest logging town. He's equipped for anything - except a vicious, grueling marathon chase. (And a zombie dead-ringer for a former VP candidate.) In Chicago, Flynn protects a university professor from death threats by protestors whipped into a frenzy by "O'Malley" - over a visit from a British author named Darwin.

To get a taste of the story so far, check out ROTTEN - THE COMIC BOOK MUSIC VIDEO on YouTube, with music by Fever Ray:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1HE2piIbPY

Meanwhile, here are some raves to prove we're not making stuff up:

"It's genius." FHM

"This series can really do no wrong ... a must-buy" Ain't It Cool News

"Wonderfully structured storytelling ... It's spooky stuff in the tradition of 'The Twilight Zone." Newsarama.

"A horror comic to be excited and intrigued by." Fangoria

"One of the strongest and strangest concepts I've ever heard, executed with horrific precision. Ed Brubaker, Eisner-winning writer of CAPTAIN AMERICA, CRIMINAL.

Chicago-based Moonstone Books also publishes The Phantom, Zorro, Captain Action and many other classic and contemporary titles. http://www.moonstonebooks.com

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