'Rotogin Junkbotz': Sunscript inks management deal with Energy Entertainment

Animation and comic studio Sunscripthas signed a management agreement with Energy Entertainment to represent theirnew Image Comics title "RotoginJunkbotz." The deal, part of Energy's ever-expanding stable of comicbook representation, would aim to develop the battling mechs concept for filmand animation.

"Rotogin Junkbotz" takes place in a future worldwhere giant robots are pitted against each other in enormous battle arenas.However, when the super-bowl of mech wars gets out of hand and devastates amajor city, the sport is outlawed and goes underground.

"Our comic book is about is how an Asiantriad-like organization sets up these underground battles," SunscriptPresident and art director Jay Lee told C2F/CBR News, "and the book is about a girl name Kaylin who's a real gear head, reallygood at robotics, and how she get mixed into the whole underground scene offighting robots," 

Kaylin finds herself working to help a friend who owes a large debt to thegangsters that run the sport.

"'JunkBotz' plugs into the currentlygrowing interest in shows like 'BattleBots' and 'RobotWars' and shows what thefuture might hold," Energy's Daniel Alter said. "Forget cockfights. This is like 'Fight Club' with Transformers.  In Jay's future world, theunderground sub-culture is as vibrant as street racing is in 'Fast and theFurious.'"

While bare-knuckle Transformer brawls sound like great fun,Lee said his aim was to make a book that was both fun, but also had realisticunderpinnings.

"For the first series I wanted to tell what happens after a big disaster, and how it really effects people and how times get reallytough," Lee said. "I think we all got a taste of that on September11th, so I wanted to show that.

"I wanted to make something more realistic, but still put in all theentertainment elements at the same time."

Alter told C2F that he's veryenthusiastic about the comic and sees great potential in other media. "The artworkis gorgeous.  The best looking manga book on the market," Alter said."I think Sunscript is the next DreamWave and from what I know about theworld of Rotogin, it has the ability to be a mangaverse unto itself."

Although the ink is still drying on the deal, Lee told C2F that he's lookingforward to seeing where things will go. He envisions "Rotogin: Junkbotz"as a live-action movie or anime-style feature. 

"I think now with the 3D being so advanced you could really pull off somethingamazing but if it was to be a live feature it'd have to have a huge budget,"Lee said. Doing the property as Anime would preserve the adult themes of thestory.  

In the mean time, Sunscript will be expanding on the comic with an onlineanimated series called "Rotogin: Blitzmode." Lee tells us that it'llbe a Flash series that expands the back-story of the concept.

Issue #0 of theseries hit the stands in March, but fans can also check out apreview at Image.com. Issue #1 is due in stores this month and also has anonline preview.

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