Roommate charged in murder of <i>ThunderCats</i> writer Stephen Perry

Police in Zephyrhills, Florida, have charged Stephen Perry's roommate in the May murder of the ThunderCats writer.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that 45-year-old James William Davis, who had been identified as "a person of interest," was arrested today on a charge of first-degree murder. He has been in Pasco County Jail since May 21, when he was arrested on unrelated drug charges.

Perry's van was discovered on May 16 at a Tampa motel, reportedly near a severed arm. More remains were found in a dumpster at a gas station two miles from his ransacked home. James Davis and his wife Roxanne Davis, 49, were missing as well. However, police later arrested the couple on unrelated charges. Last month, a torso also was discovered and identified as Perry's.

According to the Times, Perry's death is still being investigated, and Roxanne Davis has not been ruled out as a suspect.

Perry, 56, suffered from bladder cancer and had been jobless, without health care and, for a time, forced to live in his van with his 5-year-old son Leo. Over the last eight months of his life he received assistance from the Hero Initiative, which helped him to line up work and pay rent, utilities and medical bills.

Perry was best known for his work on the mid-1980s animated series ThunderCats and SilverHawks, both developed by Rankin/Bass. However, he also wrote comics like Timespirits and Psi-Force for Marvel and Wally Wood's THUNDER Agents for Deluxe.

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