Ronda Rousey Wants to Play Beatrix's Daughter in Kill Bill 3

It turns out that Ronda Rousey is a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films, if a recent interview is anything to go by. While promoting her new movie Mile 22, Rousey revealed she would love nothing more than the chance to play the grown-up version of the Bride's daughter, B.B., who was introduced in the original Kill Bill films.

“I don’t think this will ever happen, but I’m putting it out in the universe," said Rousey in an interview with TMZ. "I want to be grown-up B.B. in Kill Bill 3 and work with Quentin Tarantino.”

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Rousey is no stranger to frantic fights. A former UFC title-holder and current WWE star, Rousey has done her time in the ring and in front of the camera. Prior to getting her gig in Mile 22, Rousey threw down with Michelle Rodriguez's Letty in Furious 7 as a capable, deadly hired gun.

As for a potential Kill Bill Vol. 3, Quentin Tarantino has gone back and forth over the years on whether he will ever make a third film in the saga of the Bride. In 2016, he revealed that he has spoken to Kill Bill star Uma Therman about the possibility of a new film in the saga. Since then however, he's begun work on other films.

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His ninth film, the star studded 1960s-set Manson Family mystery Once Upon a Time in Hollywoodis slated to release in July 2019. Rumors are still going strong about his potential Star Trek film, which is still in the earliest phases of development. The director has also been consistent in his claim that his 10th film will be his last before he leaves the world of filmmaking. It's unknown if he would consider the potential Star Trek film as his tenth movie or not, considering that all his others have been original stories. If that's the case, it's almost certain a Kill Bill Vol. 3 wouldn't be in the books.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2 centered around an assassin known as the Bride (or Beatrix Kiddo). Following a failed assassination attempt on her during her wedding day, she awakens from a coma years later. The Bride sets out on a mission of revenge, eventually killing almost all the people involved her attempted murder. Along the way, she discovers that her unborn child, B.B., survived the attack. Tarantino has hinted that the potential third film would follow the revenge attempt made against the Bride in retaliation for her earlier attack.

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