Ron Wimberly reimagines Wonder Woman as 'WARP-D'

Prince of Cats creator Ron Wimberly, who recently floated his ideas for reimagining Marvel's Blade and Cloak & Dagger, has now turned his attention to Wonder Woman for a print created the collective Out of Step Arts. This is no mere costume redesign, however. It's a full-blown overhaul of the nearly 75-year-old superheroine that embraces elements of manga while stillremaining true to the character's roots.

'About WARP-D: Bondage Justice Gaiden: Diana is the princess of the Amazons, a technologically advanced, matriarchal utopia that broke off from the rest of mankind around 400 BC. Amazonia, their home, is nearly impossible to find or to escape; it’s protected by an elite force of soldiers called the C.L.A.Y. Rangers. Every generation a single great woman is picked from the elite C.L.A.Y. training program and sent to be an ambassador to the rest of the world. She is known as the Amazon Ranger. When Diana decides to run away from her kush princess life she secretly joins the C.L.A.Y. program and is selected to be the next Amazon Ranger, but when her mother,  finds out she’s left she enlists the best of the legendary C.L.A.Y. Rangers to find and return her to Amazonia. Now Diana is on the run in our world, and if fighting the C.LA.Y. elite weren’t enough, for the first time in her life she faces a world that needs feminism. Will her dexterity and cunning be enough to escape the bondage facing her at home and abroad?'

You can see a glimpse into Wimberly's process on the Out of Step Arts blog. You can purchase a limited-edition print for $35.

(via Comics&Cola)

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