Ron Wimberly pitches his vision of Blade and Cloak & Dagger

Marvel regained its mojo in the late 1990s when it handed some of its second-tier characters to creators to reimagine as part of the Marvel Knights imprint. And now, one of comics' hottest up-and-coming artists is pitching his revamp of two of the publisher's cult-favorite properties not to Marvel, but directly to the fans.

First mentioned during an Inkstuds interview, Ron Wimberly has posted two sets of illustrations showcasing his re-envisioning of Blade and Cloak & Dagger. The Prince of Cats creator said the Cloak & Dagger work initially started as "playing with type," but he says he does have story ideas to back up the artwork.

Wimberly has done work for Marvel on several occasions this year, including a stint on She-Hulk, but seeing him be tapped to lead off a series would be welcome leap. Check out some of the Blade and Cloak & Dagger art below, and more on Wimberly's blog.

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