Ron Perlman Joins Milla Jovovich in Sony's Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter: World

Strap on some gear, because catching monsters just got a whole lot easier. Hellboy and Pacific Rim actor Ron Perlman will play Admiral, the leader of the Hunters, in Sony's Monster Hunter adaptation, from writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson.

Rapper T.I. Harris joins Perlman in his quest for knowledge and glory as the sniper Link. Monster Hunter is Harris' second blockbuster role after co-starring in Marvel's Ant-Man franchise. Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil, Hellboy) was previously cast as Artemis, possibly another Hunter led by Admiral.

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Launching in 2004 from Capcom, the fantasy role-playing video game franchise tells the story of the Hunters, heavily equipped warriors tasked to capture and slay monsters, mostly for defensive and research purposes. In some games, the players may be accompanied by a feline sidekick called a "palico." The latest entry, Monster Hunter: World, is Capcom's bestselling video game to date.

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The Monster Hunter film is expected to begin shooting next month in South Africa. Sony's Screen Gems will produce the $60 million project alongside Anderson's usual partners, Death Race's Jeremy Bolt and The Mortal Instruments' Robert Kulzer. Screen Gems also produced the Underworld and Resident Evil franchises, both of which feature their own sets of fantasy monsters.

Monster Hunter: World is available on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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