CBR has learned though independent sources that Ron Perazza, former DC Comics Vice President of Creative Services and Online, has been hired by Marvel Comics for an as-yet unknown position.

Perazza is perhaps best known for spearheading DC's now-defunct Zuda Comics line, but he's also worked in a number of different facets of the industry. He's had an especially large hand in developing digital comics, helping to launch the first official DC Comics App and serving briefly as comiXology's Vice President and General Manager of Publisher and Creator Services following his departure from DC. He launched Comic Book Think Tank last October, which featured his book "Relaunch" with Daniel Govar.

The news marks Perazza's return to Marvel after over a decade. He served as the Online Product Manager for the company in 1998 and 1999. He was the creative lead on Fleer's Marvel-themed "Overpower" collectible card game and worked on Marvel's "Battlebook" line of game/comic hybrids.

The capacity in which Perazza will currently be serving the company is unknown, but it seems likely he's working on something in the digital comics realm, considering his vast experience with the medium.

"It's not a big secret that I don't believe that publishers should intentionally hobble the growth of their digital business out of fear that it'll impact their print business," Perazza told CBR last year. "I think that's a really short sighted strategy. At best its a minor frustration for readers. Readers aren't stupid. They know when they're being unfairly and arbitrarily inconvenienced. Comic fans are loyal but if you do that often enough, long enough, they'll lose faith and go away. And why shouldn't they?"

When CBR contacted Marvel for specifics on Perazza's employment, the publisher simply replied, "No Comment."

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