Ron Paul Joins Bluewater's "Political Power"

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Ron Paul is many things - a doctor, a politician and now a comic book character! Now he will joins forces with the likes of Michelle Bachman, Mitt Romney & Rick Perry in the new comic book series "Political Power". A Texan, but no one can ever say he is boring and is 2012 the year this Republican, with libertarian tendencies and a loyal following, claim the White House?

Well whether he does or not, Paul is the latest public servant to be featured in Bluewater Comics' "Political Power" series. Previously, Paul will also be featured in the Bluewater Comic "Political Power: The Tea Party Movement" and now longtime writer and bio-comic stalwart, and "The New York Times" bestselling writer, Marc Shapiro is sharing his story.

"In a way, Ron Paul is like any other committed musician or actor. He has a vision, he's well read and he's very much his own person. You may not agree with everything he says but you have to admit that at least he's done his homework before he's said it, which is more than you can say for most politicians," said Shapiro, whose recent works include "Orbit: John Lennon" and "Female Force: Cher."

Shapiro said while reading up on Paul, he was amazed at this doctor-turned-statesman's appeal. "What surprised me in researching Ron Paul for this comic was his ability to cut across lines when it comes to age, gender and political point of view. College kids would be the last group of people you would expect to support a Republican but Paul has sizeable college student as well as solid independent thinker support," said Shapiro.

Darren G. Davis, president of Bluewater Comics, said that Paul's appeal to the more libertarian minded political junkie and his growing appeal to the mainstream of politics was the perfect reason to choose him as the next subject of "Political Power."

"Ron Paul is such a unique voice in the modern world of politics," said Davis. "We want to make sure we told his tale and shared his philosophy and Marc has once again turned in a top-notch script."

Davis also praised the work of artist Luciano Kars and cover artist Joe Philips. "Both artists do incredible work and they matched Shapiro's writing style perfectly," said Davis.

"Political Power: Ron Paul" (ISBN 978-1-4507-8965-3) will hit stores in February 2012 and sell for $3.99. All comic books are available for pre-order on Amazon.

The "Political Power: Michelle Bachman "comic book will be available later this month. An advance copy can now be downloaded on the NOOK and Kindle. The Race for the White House begins here. One of a number of candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the presidential election of 2012, Michele Bachmann has been making waves in all sectors of the world. This is your first chance to learn more about the candidate and more about the woman. You'll learn who she is, beyond all the sound bites. You'll get a sense of the woman, and not just the media story.

The "Political Power: Mitt Romney" will be out in January. Mitt Romney is smart, principled and he knows how to crunch numbers which is why the Republican party sees him as the Great White Hope in the 2012 presidential election. How Mitt Romney got to frontrunner status on the political right is the subject of Bluewater Productions "Political Power: Mitt Romney". Smart is sexy.

The "Political Power: Tea Party" comic book will be out in January. Their roots are in the American Revolution. But in a scant two years The Tea Party has been reborn as a vital cog in the modern political wheel. Read all about the rise of The Tea Party and get insight into one of its most ardent supporters in the upcoming "Political Power: Michele Bachmann and The Tea Party" from Bluewater Productions.

The "Political Power: Rick Perry" will be out in February. Rocketing up the political charts and seemingly coming straight out of nowhere, Governor Rick Perry of Texas is not just some nobody. He's not an overnight sensation. He's also not a pop star or a celebrity. He's a political figure that will be heard and he's someone that everyone is going to be keeping their eyes on in the coming months, and don't miss your chance to get in on the ground floor by learning everything you can about this man.

The "Political Power" series was launched earlier in 2009 as a companion piece to the successful Female Force" and "Fame" biography titles. The comic allows Bluewater to delve into the history of certain newsworthy politicians and political movements and understand how a person has achieved the level of office in the government.

Bluewater Comics biography comic book series has been featured on CNN, The Today Show, BET, Fox News and in "People" Magazine as well as thousands of other places.

For more information, visit www.bluewaterprod.com.

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