Ron Marz To Write Dynamite's "John Carter: Warlord of Mars"

When John Carter returns to comics this November, he'll do so with a few familiar names in tow.

Today, Dynamite Entertainment announced that with their new relationship with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., they will launch a new "John Carter: Warlord of Mars" series written by Ron Marz and drawn by Abhishek Malsuni. The move is significant in a number of ways. Aside from featuring the trademarked Carter name in the title for the first time in its run, Dynamite's new take welcomes a writer in Marz who has been working with the Burroughs estate on a number of web comic adaptations of the legendary adventure writer's lesser known characters.

"This is literally a job I've been wanting to do since I was twelve years old," Marz said in a statement. "I was just the right age when I discovered John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Tars Tarkas, and the wonder of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars. It fired my imagination like almost nothing else. So to finally get a chance to write these characters, to visit that world, is a dream come true for me."

"We are incredibly excited about Ron coming on board for this project," added Dynamite Publisher Nick Barrucci. "When we originally launched the Warlord of Mars series in 2010, Ron and I ran into each other at a comic convention, and Ron grabbed me by the shoulders and said something to the effect of, 'How can you launch a John Carter series and not call me to write it?' It wasn't a question. It was a statement! As we looked at the potential creators for this series, we instinctively remembered Ron's passion for the mythos. He is simply the perfect fit. Add in the fantastic art by Abhishek Malsuni and Neeraj Menon, this series will take John Carter to new heights."

Dynamite has been publishing comics featuring the John Carter character under the "Warlord of Mars" banner since 2010 with their stories drawing a basis from the earlier novels which have fallen in to the public domain. The Burroughs estate challenged the use in 2012, though the parties announced a partnership this May, allowing Dynamite to draw from the entire John Carter canon - now freed from its licensing deals with Disney.

Stay tuned for more from Dynamite during Comic-Con International.

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