Roman Dirge & Titan Celebrate 20 Years of "Lenore"

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20 Years of Lenore! -- Roman Dirge Celebrate With Four New Releases In 2012

It's the Year of "Lenore"! 2012 marks the 20th Anniversary of Roman Dirge's twisted creation, Lenore, the cute little dead girl! To celebrate this milestone, Titan Comics is delighted to announce the release of four brand new issues, throughout the year.

From the wonderfully twisted imagination of Roman Dirge, Lenore is one of the funniest, darkest, cutest, creepiest characters around, and has become a huge global hit.

Described by the Los Angeles Times as "Sweet and strange and slightly discomforting... An unholy union between Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss," Lenore is a 10-year-old undead girl who lives in a mansion with an assortment of weird and creepy friends, including Ragamuffin (a vicious vampire trapped in the body of a rag doll toy), Pooty (a former bounty hunter for the underworld), next-door neighbor Taxidermy, and her obsessive admirer Mr. Gosh.

Since her comic debut in 1992, Lenore has garnered a huge cult following by comic and gothic/horror fans alike, thanks to Dirge's unique brand of humor and lavishly illustrated strips.

"Thank goodness I didn't use all that time to become a doctor or to solve world problems or anything useless like that! Nope. Zombie girl comic," says Dirge commenting on the 20th Anniversary. "Let me take a moment to thank everyone who reads Lenore's adventures, for allowing me to do this and to lead this life. Seriously. I am eternally grateful to you all."

With four new Lenore issues on their way, 2012 is set to be a huge hit for Dirge!

To kick-off the year long celebrations, Titan Comics is releasing Lenore comic issue #5 on March 28. This spooky new release sees Lenore and her friends defeat the great and unstoppable creepig in their own unique style! This highly anticipated new issue comes with two collectable covers drawn by Dirge!

Titan Books are also publishing the fourth volume in their popular series of lavish Lenore hardback editions, Lenore: Swirlies in September. This edition includes the extremely rare #13. In addition, a Lenore 2013 calendar will be released in the summer months.

With a special 20th Anniversary themed signing and panel being planned for this year's San Diego Comic Con, plus with three tales to be released throughout the year, the future of Lenore is bright and beautiful!

As well as, new comics, graphic novels and merchandise in 2012, it was announced at last year's San Diego Comic Con that plans for a film adaptation are in the works with writer, Neil Gaiman serving as the executive producer.

Titan is planning a massive marketing campaign to support the 'Year of Lenore' with print, online, social networking and press activity. Lenore fans are urged to join Lenore Comics on Twitter to keep up to date with new releases and 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Take a trip into the dark, surreal world of Roman Dirge in 2012 and help celebrate 20 years of Lenore!

"Lenore" comic #5 will be available from comic stores on March 28, priced $3.99.

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