Rolston & Oni offer cure for 'One Bad Day'

Official Press Release

On August 20th, Oni Press is getting out of the wrong side of the bed with ONE BAD DAY, a new original graphic novel from Eisner Award-winning creator Steve Rolston. ONE BAD DAY may be a rotten time for Marie, but it's a great time for readers!

"I've been friends with Steve since before either of us had an association with Oni," said editor James Lucas Jones. "We both started here at about the same time and over the last three years I've had the opportunity to watch Steve evolve into one of the industry's brightest young storytellers. He's picked his collaborators with care, and in return some of comics' most talented writers have employed Steve to bring their creations to life. Now Steve is breaking out on his own and the results are as pulse-pounding as you'd expect."

Marie's had bad days before-she's slept through her alarm, had her car break down at the most inopportune moment, forgotten about an important assignment until five minutes before it was due. You know, just had one of those times where the whole universe seems to be against you. Well, that's all going to seem like a walk in the park after today. She's about to be chased, shot at, sexually harassed, and guilted into going to her unbearable cousin's birthday party, and she doesn't even know why! Well, maybe she knows why she has to go the birthday party (her mom is an expert guilt-tripper), but that doesn't mean she has to put up with all the other stuff!

"Marie isn't a spy," Rolston added. "She's not a cyborg. She can't fly. She's just a normal girl who's stuck in a web of blackmail, street thugs, corporate moguls, and assassins-for-hire. Getting her untangled from the mess of armed whackos she's stumbled into is exactly the kind of pulpy, crime-centered tale I've wanted to tell since I first read David Lapham's STRAY BULLETS all those many years ago."

ONE BAD DAY joins the growing list of OniGNs-original graphic novels from veteran comic publisher Oni Press that explore a variety of themes and genres. Setting ONE BAD DAY apart from previous releases is its length and presentation.

"At 120 pages, ONE BAD DAY is the longest non-serialized work we've published," Jones offered. "Steve really took advantage of the format in terms of his pacing and structure, utilizing his style in a way that flows more naturally than anything he's done thus far. And to make this volume even more representative of Steve's sensibilities, the whole thing is printed in Rolston's signature green rather than the traditional black ink."

"The jump from 'artist' to 'writer/artist' is an intimidating one," Rolston concluded. "But with everything I've learned in the last few years, it's a leap I feel prepared to make. If only someone had bothered to prepare poor Marie…"

ONE BAD DAY is a 120 page green-and-white graphic novel for $9.95. The digest-sized volume features a new color cover by Rolston and contains mature situations. It ships to comic book stores on August 20, 2003.

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