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ROK Comics, a subsidiary of the ROK Entertainment Group Inc. (OTCBB: ROKE), the global mobile entertainment company, is pleased to announce many of the comics published on the service are now Free To View on the web in an ad-supported format.

Marking a major change in the way ROK Comics promotes its comics to mobile service, almost all the comics on the web site (http://www.rokcomics.com) are now Free To View online.

ROK Comics, which offers comic creators and comic publishers the means to create comics in a format suitable for mobile phone presentation via WAP sites, is also making strips viewable via its web site in an ad-supported format.

The online versions of the strips can be embedded on almost any web site using players similar to many video sharing sites such as ROK's own Newsjack.tv service or sites such as YouTube.

"We have allowed limited viewing of Pro Comics online since the service began last year," explains Managing Editor John Freeman, "but an opportunity has arisen for us to promote the service in an ad-supported format on the web, and we've chosen to try that route.

"We think this is an appropriate move for ROK Comics," added ROK Media CEO Graham Baines. "It enables full promotion of most of the comic brands we feature."

There will be some territorial and contractual restrictions on certain strips being published under license but top independent creator strips such as David Fletcher's humour strip Crumb, Ian Gibson's quirky Annie Droid, Chris Reynolds' superheroine series Moon Queen, Rich Diesslin's Mobile Gospel, Kennedy Rose' hilarious Anomaly, Rodrigo Ricci's vampire tale Ligeia, John Maybrury's SpaceBabe and Josh Alves' Tastes Like Chicken are now viewable in full online.

"Reaction to the change has been positive," says John. "From the outset, we knew ROK Comics was at the forefront of a new development for comics, bringing them to mobile, and the past year has been a tremendous and exciting learning curve.

"Many creators have been very positive about comics on mobile, recognising the potential of a huge market that big comics publishers are just beginning to wake up to. Like us, they see mobile comics as a way of raising awareness of their creations in a format that reaches many new readers, and the potential, ultimately, for making money from this new form.

"Many see mobile a great way to promote their characters and strips, complementing their other distribution methods."

Creators and publisher will share in any paid-for ad revenues generated by the online presentation, just as they already share revenue on WAP subscription page views from ROK's mobile subscriber services operated in partnership with key telecoms such as Telenor, Exact Mobile and retailers such as Claires.

Hand in hand with changes noted above, the ROK Comics design team have transformed the main subscription-based WAP site (wap.rokcomics.com). For pricing details in your country go to http://www.rokcomics.com/subscribe.php.

In the UK, for a free trial of the service on your mobile, text COMIC to 83736. For a full subscription text COMIC SUB to 83736. The UK subscription price is just #3 a month. You need to bookmark the site when you follow the link you are sent.

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