5 Reasons Everyone Loves Rogue (& 5 Things That Made Us Angry at Her)

Rogue has been a mainstay of the X-Men for years but she hasn’t always been on the side of the angels, nor made the best choices. As part of her “step-mother” Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Rogue caused a great deal of destruction before she changed sides.

Rogue has done a lot of good as a hero, literally saving the day numerous times and doing a number of things that make her easy to love as a character. But her time as a villain and even some of her choices as a hero can make readers very angry at her for her actions.

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10 Angry: Out of Control Powers

This is more anger on Rogue’s behalf. Rogue had no control of her powers. The slightest touch could trigger her mutant powers to absorb the powers, memories, and personality of her target. When her powers first manifested, the boy she was kissing fell into a coma.

The length Rogue retained a person’s powers is relative to the amount of time that she maintained contact. She ran the risk of permanently retaining the other person’s powers and psyche if she holds on too long. Rogue generally wears a neck to toe costume with gloves and a hood to avoid accidental contact.

9 Love: Control At Last

Professor Xavier looked into Rogue’s mind, something he formerly couldn’t do. Xavier realized that her powers had never developed beyond the “nascent stage” and removed the mental blocks. A kiss with Gambit proved that she was in control. It didn’t last.

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When her delayed honeymoon with Gambit was diverted to Mojo World, Spiral took a tour of Rogue’s brain. Spiral told her that until Rogue came to terms with what her powers are supposed to be, she would never fully be in control. Rogue came to the conclusion that it has always been her own personal fear that had limited her powers.

8 Angry: Rogue Nearly Killed Carol Danvers

Mystique had adopted Rogue and had turned her loneliness, confusion, and despair into anger. Mystique’s lover Destiny had prophesied that Carol Danvers would somehow hurt Rogue and Mystique angrily lamented the missed opportunities she had to kill Danvers. Hearing this, Rogue took matters into her own hands.

Rogue attacked Carol outside her San Francisco apartment. Even caught off guard, Carol fought Rogue violently and that caused Rogue to absorb Carol’s powers, memories and personality permanently. Completely freaked out, Rogue threw the unconscious Carol off the Golden Gate Bridge. Thankfully, Spider-Woman was flying by and saved Carol before she hit the frigid bay waters below.

7 Love: Rogue Turned to Xavier for Help

The cacophony of voices inside Rogue’s head were driving her insane and there was nothing that Mystique or Destiny could do to help. Also, unbeknownst to everyone, the villain Mastermind was subtlety exacerbating Rogue’s problems as revenge against Mystique. So, Rogue turned to Charles Xavier.

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It didn’t go well. The X-Men threatened to quit but Xavier was adamant and persuaded the X-Men to stay. Xavier had helped Carol Danvers regain her memories but not her emotional connections. Carol had also gained new cosmic powers. Carol punched Rogue through the roof but Colossus stopped her from doing more. Feeling betrayed, Carol returned to space with the Starjammers. Wolverine was also not happy but his fiance Mariko Yashida immediately made Rogue feel welcome and Logan came around when Rogue took a laser blast meant for Mariko.

6 Angry: Rogue’s First Outing against the Avengers

Armed with the absorbed knowledge of Carol Danvers and the planning of Mystique, Rogue overpowered Captain America in Central Park and kissed him to absorb his powers. Rogue threw the unconscious Cap through the main window of Avengers Mansion.

Dr. Donald Blake had been summoned to tend the injured Captain. In his guise of Thor, he arrived and stuck his hammer on the ground, turning into Blake. Just then, Rogue struck him. She was about to finish him but Spider-Woman intervened. Blake turned back to Thor but Rogue touched Thor’s face, absorbing his godly powers. Finding she could not take the powers of several Avengers present and fearing losing her advantage, Rogue departed to break the rest of her team out of Riker’s Island Prison.

5 Love: Avengers Unity Squad

Rogue confronted the Scarlet Witch for coming to Charles Xavier’s grave after all the pain and suffering that she had caused mutants with the House of M and M-Day. Wanda refused to fight even after Rogue strikes her. They are attacked by agents of The Red Skull.

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Captain America believed that he should have aided the mutants more and he and Thor approached Havok to lead an Avengers team comprised of both humans and mutants called the Avengers Unity Squad. They found themselves attacked by a lobotomized Avalanche and were forced to let him go to save civilians. Rogue and the Witch would come together with these and other heroes as they formed the new team.

4 Angry: A v X

The anger is for the uncharacteristic behavior of the characters in the story. Rogue was reluctant to fight against the Avengers because of her villainous past. Even when She-Hulk, Moon Knight and the Falcon came to “monitor” the school. But when She-Hulk injured some of the children that she mistook for monsters, Rogue is forced to defend her young charges and defeated the three Avengers easily.

Carol Danvers arrived to talk to Rogue but Rogue didn’t trust her and they fought. Magik captured Carol and imprisoned her with other Avengers in a Limbo prison where demons forced them to battle in their fears. Rogue was horrified and attempted to free Carol but Magik sent her to a warring alien planet. She returned too late to prevent the Phoenix possessed Cyclops murder of Charles Xavier.

3 Love: They Fried Xavier’s Brain

Charles Xavier is dead. But Rogue and the Scarlet Witch discovered his body in a laboratory with an empty skull. They are attacked by the Red Skull, who now has mental powers. They are mind-controlled into allowing an equally mind-controlled group of crazed humans to attack them. The pair are saved by the Avengers Unity Squad.

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The Red Skull had grafted Xavier’s brain to his own, giving him Xavier’s powers. Red Skull launched a new attack but new recruit Deadpool was able to resist long enough to get one of Magneto’s helmets on Rogue’s head and she defeated him. Beast was able to remove the Xavier specific parts of Red Skull’s brain. Rogue and Johnny Storm incinerated Xavier’s brain against the orders of Hydra controlled Captain America.

2 Angry: Rogue’s Questionable Romantic Choices

For someone who had to avoid human contact, Rogue has had a lot of strange relationships. Topping the list, Magneto saved her from the separated Carol Danvers persona after Rogue emerges from the Siege Perilous. Rogue leaves after Erik killed someone despite her protests. Magneto would try to woe Rogue repeatedly over the years.

At the funeral of Robert Reynolds, the Sentry, Rogue broke down after revealing that he was the only one who could hug her without triggering her powers. She has also found herself strongly attracted to Longshot. Rogue had a relationship with Avengers teammate Johnny Storm, reminding him about her powers when he climbed into her bed.

1 Love: Rogue Married Gambit

Rogue’s longest relationship has been with Remy LeBeau, the mutant thief Gambit. They have been through a lot. Rogue’s constant power control issues, Gambit’s dishonesty about his thieves past and his time with the Marauders. And Mystique’s constant attempts to break them up made plagued their relationship.

Back with the X-men after her time with the Avengers, Rogue was at the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus. No one expected Kitty to leave Peter at the alter but seeing an opportunity and being moved by Storm’s words on marriage, Remy proposed to Rogue on the spot. She accepted and they get married with all their friends in attendance.

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