Rogue Trooper Movie In the Works from World of Warcraft's Duncan Jones

revered director duncan jones has indicated he's working on an adaptation of the 2000ad comic book property, rogue trooper.

sunday, the british filmmaker posted a video to twitter in which he speaks in a voiceover, pondering what kind of comic book project he'd like to tackle next. concluding he'd like to return to his roots and tackle a property from his homeland, jones remarks how it's a "pity" there isn't a dredd sequel, while moving on to the thought of another comic book property he could assign himself to -- perhaps another tale from the mega-verse.

without revealing the actual property, there's a rather obvious hint that the project he's talking about is none other than rogue trooper. check out the tease in the video below.

created in 1981 by comics veterans gerry finley-day and dave gibbons, rogue trooper follows a blue-skinned, genetically-manufactured super-soldier named rogue who resides on "nu-earth," a post-apocalyptic version of our earth that has been severely damaged thanks to chemical and biological warfare. in the universe of the rogue trooper comics, dead soldiers' personalities are downloaded onto microchips; rogue, the aforementioned super-soldier, acquires three chips belonging to his former comrades, in search of the traitor general responsible for killing them.

stay tuned to cbr through comic-con international in san diego as more details are likely revealed.

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