Rogue Won: 16 Hilarious Rogue One Memes That Won The Internet

The Star Wars universe has given us a solid film that stars a female hero, a droid, and a Rebel Alliance captain with a bunch of great fight scenes -- and we’re not talking The Last Jedi. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story gave fans the backstory of how Princess Leia got the plans for the Death Star, which as we all know is the catalyst for A New Hope’s events. The film gave fans throwbacks to what they love about the original trilogy, as well as adding interesting new elements. Building on the success of Rey as the heroine of The Force Awakens, Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones, gives the Star Wars universe another female hero to root for.

Currently, The Last Jedi is dominating the pop culture conversation. Understandably so, as it is the most controversial Star Wars film to date. It seems as though we have been so wrapped up in The Last Jedi that we have forgotten just how good Rogue One is. Thankfully, the Internet has immortalized our love for Rogue One in the form of memes. Here at CBR, we went on a mission to find the 16 best Rogue One memes that won the Internet.

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Leaked Footage Rogue One sequel meme
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Leaked Footage Rogue One sequel meme

We live in a culture where spoilers are akin to harming a loved one. Spoiler alerts have to be announced, or fans will straight up boycott a website. Most of us try to avoid social media when we’re worried about reading a spoiler or seeing leaked footage. But it’s just so hard to stay disconnected! How else are we supposed to see Chris Evans’ latest tweet or clips of puppies?

Going into Rogue One, we were in a unique position because we already knew what was going to happen. Somehow, the plans were going to get to Leia. No matter what, we were going to see Han shoot first. So, spoilers for the “sequels” didn’t exist. However, we knew that the ending probably wasn’t going to be great for our Rogues, and unfortunately, we were right.


Eddie Izzard Rogue One Death Star meme

Fans of Eddie Izzard’s stand-up should recognize this quote. Izzard is clearly a big Star Wars fan and has some hilarious bits about “what if” scenarios on the Death Star. One of these bits is the Death Star cantina where an exasperated Darth Vader tries to order pasta and explains to the cafeteria worker what the Death Star is.

Thinking about everyday life for those in the Empire is ripe for fiction and jokes. In addition to imagining a cafeteria, we can also imagine their training and other not so desirable jobs (such as Matt the Radar Technician). We would like to imagine someone being this snarky to Darth Vader, but we know that Vader would Force choke anyone who was getting too sassy with him.


Jyn Erso Death Star Rogue

When we’re introduced to Jyn Erso as an adult, she’s being hauled away by the Empire for her criminal activity. It takes her a long time to join the Rebels because of what she saw in her childhood: the Empire took her dad and shot her mom, and Saw clearly did a pretty terrible job at being a foster parent.

Eventually, Jyn agrees to help the Rebels find her father. She starts to fight for something she believes, which is liberating in and of itself. She dies on Scarif, but she at least was a part of something bigger than herself and fought for the greater good. We know that if she had survived the planet’s demise, she would’ve been first in line to take out that darn Death Star.


Krennic Rogue One meme

Orson Krennic got the short end of the stick in Rogue One. He’s the one who found Galen Erso and brought him back to work on the Death Star. In fact, the Death Star project was his baby. Though he hustled his way to the top to be the Director of Advanced Weapons Research, Krennic meets his end on Scarif.

Krennic tried to stop Jyn and Cassian from stealing to Death Star plans, but he couldn’t escape Scarif when it’s destroyed on Tarkin’s command. So not only did Tarkin steal credit for the Death Star’s success, he also blew him up using the project he worked so hard on. If he had a choice, Krennic would want to broadcast that he’s the real VIP of the Empire.


Cassian Andor Rogue One meme

The Star Wars community is currently in love with Poe Dameron, and for good reason: he’s good-looking, charming, and has an adorable droid to boot. But we seem to have forgotten another Rebel leader with similar traits. What happened to the love for Cassian Andor?

Cassian has the looks and the heart. He goes against his orders and doesn’t kill Galen Erso. He’s also got a fun droid friend, and as we all know, the droid and the human are a package deal. BB-8 is cute (and arguably the best droid in the galaxy), but we’d love to hang out with K-2SO and watch a terrible movie with him MST3K style. We highkey love Cassian Andor, and we highkey shipped him and Jyn to be honest.


Chirrut Îmwe A New Hope Rogue One meme

Luke Skywalker begins his preliminary Jedi training with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Obi-Wan tries to explain the Force to Luke by saying he doesn’t need his sight to be at one with the Force. It takes a while for Luke to learn this lesson. However, we see this lesson be put into action both in the original trilogy as well as when Luke begins training Rey in The Last Jedi.

When we meet Chirrut Îmwe in Rogue One, it’s clear that he learned this lesson long ago. He is blind, technically, but he’s able to sense what he needs to because of the Force. Along with K-2SO, he was one of the stand-out characters of Rogue One because of his mantra: “I’m one with the Force and the Force is with me.”


Suicide Squad Rogue One Meme

Regardless of your thoughts on Suicide Squad, it’s important to remember that not a lot of members of their squad actually died. With the immense popularity of at least one of the Suicide Squad members, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, we’ll be seeing at least one of them again. This is, of course, assuming that the the DC films line-up remains somewhat the same.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Rogue One. All of the members of the rogue group that went on the mission to Scarif were killed. Even the droid! While this is incredibly depressing, it does show the weight of sacrifices that are made in times of war. We have ourselves a real Suicide Squad in Rogue One. Someone give K-2SO a bat.

9 WOW…

Doge Rogue One meme

The Doge meme as we know it has its roots in Homestar Runner and a real dog named Kabosu from Japan. It’s an older meme but a classic. We love this meme because we’re all a little obsessed with Shiba Inus. Added to this obsession is Comic Sans font and silly captions, and we’ve got an Internet winner.

We loved Rogue One, but we would be equally as interested in watching Dogue One. We imagine it would be a bunch of Shiba Inus in costume being cute and playfighting each other to steal the Death Star toy. All dialogue would be in Comic Sans subtitles. As for the ending, this version would be easier on our hearts than the original film, as we know the Rebel doges would just be playing dead.


Krennic achievement Rogue One meme

Imagine working on a project from the beginning stages to see it successfully tested. Then imagine someone stealing the credit from you. This is what Orson Krennic experienced with his Death Star project. Yes, there were some hiccups on his watch. However, you can’t negate the effort he put towards the project.

When there’s a whiff of the Death Star’s success, Moff Tarkin swoops in and says he’s going to tell the Emperor that he will be taking over the project he (Tarkin) first talked about. Record scratch! Krennic was on the wrong side for sure, but you gotta feel bad for the guy. Tarkin basically stole all credit for the Death Star when it was Krennic’s achievement. We would yell at someone who did this to us too at a decibel we usually only save for yelling at our computer.


Salt Bae Galen Erso Rogue One meme

It’s been a year since we were introduced to Salt Bae. In January 2017, Nusret Gökçe, a chef, posted an Instagram video of him being very fancy with salt. Since then, he’s accumulated millions of followers and has become a go-to GIF and meme.

Galen Erso is also bae. We’re big fans of Mads Mikkelsen, the actor who plays Galen. We also can’t deny that Galen was devoted to his wife (until she was shot in front of him) and tried to protect his daughter. We root for the destruction of the Death Star partially because of Galen’s tragic circumstances. He probably didn’t have quite the Salt Bae flair when he was adding the fault to the main reactor (he had to be lowkey about it), but inside he probably was making this gesture.


K-2SO Jyn Erso Rogue One meme

The relationship between K-2SO and Jyn Erso is fun to watch unfold. Jyn’s introduction to Kaytoo is him clotheslining her while the Rebels are freeing her. He’s salty about her getting a blaster instead of him while she’s traveling with Cassian, and it seems like they’re always a little at odds with each other. The best part about this meme is that either one could say this, and we’d believe it.

By the end of the film (and the end of their lives!), K-2SO and Jyn have respect for each other. Jyn gives him a blaster which, considering Kaytoo’s attitude about blasters before, makes us a little weepy. We descend into full on bawling when Kaytoo sacrifices himself so Jyn and Cassian would have a chance at success. He was definitely the opposite of annoying then.


Rouge One Rogue One meme

A testament to the importance of spelling, Rouge One is a typo we have all made. Because rouge is a word, spell-check doesn’t catch it. So, it’s up to our spelling trained Jedi eyes to catch this mistake. Otherwise, we’re grammar Padawans, and we didn’t work that hard in English 101 for nothing!

Thankfully, the titles of the other Star Wars films don’t have as many opportunities for spelling errors, but the places and people sure do. We got to remember to put two “a”s at the end of Alderaan, and we have think carefully about how to properly spell Lando Calrissian. Everytime we get a new phone, we have to train it in Star Wars character names. Yeah, we love yoga. But not as much as Yoda.


Rogue One puppies meme

A couple years ago, BuzzFeed made video of drunk girls getting surprised with puppies. It turns out that those emotions are totally relatable to those who are watching Rogue One. We go from “They love each other!” and “Let’s make them kiss!” to “I can’t take it anymore; I just can’t.”

A ship that didn’t get a chance to sail was Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso. It’s pretty obvious that they love each other by the end of the film (or at least liked each other a lot). “Let’s make them kiss” is a statement some of us have yelled at the film. Unfortunately, with the ending of the movie being what it is, we are left with not being able to protect these adorable puppy characters.


Tiny Jyn Erso Rogue One meme

There’s a reason why us nerds look forward to cons so much. We get to meet new nerd friends as well as hang out with those we’ve met before. We can go to panels and potentially meet icons we admire. And we can’t forget about the sweet merch! As awesome as it is to go to cons as an adult, it must be just as awesome to go as a kid.

Cons are a great place for kids to express themselves as well as find acceptance. The children are our future, and based on this meme, it looks like we don’t have to worry about the next generation very much. This little girl cosplayed as Jyn and handed out Death Star plans to Leias she met. If that doesn’t make your heart grow three sizes, you might be as cold as Hoth’s overnight temperature.


K-2SO Boi Rogue One meme

The end of Rogue One fills us all great sadness. One of the reasons for this sorrow is that we know we won’t see anymore K-2SO, the sarcastic former Imperial droid. Kaytoo is like Sophia on The Golden Girls: no filter, but the group wouldn’t be the same without him. Because we know Kaytoo won’t show up in future films, we are forced to imagine what he would do in various scenarios.

We see this in the “Boi” meme that swept the interwebz shortly after Rogue One’s release. K-2SO responds to whatever is written with a preamble to a clapback, and it’s exactly how we would like to imagine K-2SO. In this case, someone is asking if Rogue One is good. Anyone who questions the quality of Rogue One is subject to a Kaytoo impersonation.


K-2SO Prisoners Rogue One meme

One of the most relatable scenarios is someone furiously trying to finish her essay at 11:59 PM when it is due electronically by midnight. The student then realizes she still hasn’t hit the minimum qualifications. Some professors go by page count while some go by word count. For those assignments that go by word count, sometimes students have to get a little flowery with their language.

Repetition is also the result of trying to meet the minimum word count. A good example of this is K-2SO trying to convince Imperial guards that he’s an Imperial droid taking the Rebels to prison. Repetition is sketchy in essay writing, as well as when you’re trying to fool your enemy. Let’s be one with the concision, fellow Rebels.

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