Rogue One: A Pixar Story Is The Mash-Up You've Been Waiting For

If you love watching fan-made videos combining beloved franchises, then you're in luck. YouTube user Darth Blender has created a mash-up blending "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and many of the films under the Pixar umbrella.

Titled "Rogue One: A Pixar Story," the description sets the stage for this inter-Disney epic: "Pixar's most-beloved characters set a risky goal to capture Dr. Porkchop spaceship setting up an incredible saga to follow. Prepare yourself! This is "Rogue One: A Pixar Story."

Scenes clipped from "Brave," "The Incredibles," the "Toy Story" movies, "Monsters, Inc.," "Inside Out" and more Pixar films are blended with the score and voiceover from the "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" trailer.

The level of detail taken to produce these types of videos is amazing. The mission to capture Dr. Porkchop's spaceship brings together an all-star cast of Pixar stars. "Brave"'s Merida is cast in the role of "Rogue One"'s Jyn Erso, the leader of this rag-tag team. Merida is joined by "Monster, Inc."'s Sulley and Mike, "Toy Story"'s Buzz Lightyear and Wall-E (in the K-2SO role).

When the tension mounts in the music, the appropriate image of Wall-E or Buzz Lightyear is chosen to keep the story flowing. By the time you finish the video, you'll want to buy a ticket to see "Rogue One: A Pixar Story" on the big screen.

The real "Rogue One," starring Star Wars characters old and new, arrives in theaters on December 16.

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