Rogue Has A Highly Anticipated Encounter In "Uncanny Avengers" #9

This article contains spoilers for "Uncanny Avengers" #9, on sale now.

As Rogue has been a stalwart member of the Avengers Unity Squad for the past three and a half years, the former X-Man has rarely had a chance to interact with mutants that aren't also Avengers. That's one reason why the cover for February's "Uncanny Avengers" #5 caught the eye of many longtime fans of the character; it featured popular X-couple Rogue and Gambit front and center. But the contents of the issue revealed the real nature of Rogue and Gambit's reunion; that Gambit was in fact the Red Skull, using the telepathy he gained from harvesting Professor X's brain to deceive Rogue and cover-up one of his nefarious plots. Rogue left the issue's encounter still convinced that she had met up with her former beau.

Today's "Uncanny Avengers" #9 from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Pepe Larraz picks up the thread left dangling at the end of February's issue. The issue opens with Gambit and an ally holed up in the basement of an auction house in New Orleans, prepping for a simple art heist. It would be simple, were it not for one unexpected guest: Rogue. The Avenger enters the basement and has a private chat with Gambit, confirming once and for all that it wasn't him in Bagalia. The two then share a moment.

Gambit promises Rogue that he'll come running if she ever needs help going up against the Red Skull -- and Rogue then playfully ruins his art heist by setting off an alarm. While the issue doesn't feature an extended conversation between the two, this coda scene does wrap up the plot from issue #5 by confirming to Rogue that she let the Red Skull escape in Bagalia.

"Uncanny Avengers" #9 is on sale now.

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