How Rogue & Gambit Will Confront Their Pasts & Future Together

The exact threat and antagonists Rogue and Gambit are up against are still mysterious by the end of issue #1, but can you talk about how much danger your title characters are in going into issue #2? Will the nature and agenda of their enemies be part of the larger mystery of this story? Should readers continue to look for clues?

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I think Rogue and Gambit are in extreme danger but in an… unexpected way. There are some non-linear elements to this story, as you might have gleaned from the opening pages. So the cliffhanger we leave them on at the end of issue one is not necessarily where we pick up with them in issue two. But if we’ve done our job well, then it’s all going to make the best kind of sense.

And yes, savvy readers will be rewarded. I think every writer hopes to get a reader saying “Ah! I can’t believe I didn’t see that…it was there all along!” But readers are extremely sharp these days… you gotta bring your A-game to get that moment.

Art from Rogue and Gambit #1

What I really enjoyed about Pere Perez's work in this first issue was the acting and he really conveyed the sense that these were two very attractive people headed to this very lush and lavish place. What's it been like working on further issues of this series with Pere? How much direction do you give him on things like action and character outfits?

Pere has impressed me so much on this book. You know, you naturally expect comic book artists at his level to be great at superhero stuff – and he is, his fight scenes are excellent – especially when the fight scene intensity really gets extreme around issue three. But what you don’t always find in comic book artists is the ability to do real romance and what I’ll call…extreme sexiness? And Pere shocked me (in the best of ways) with the heat he brought to this book. I can’t say enough nice things about it. And y’know, for a couple that’s been on again/off again for more than two decades, Rogue and Gambit were READY for extreme sexiness. I’m so glad Pere and I can give it to them (and the fans of course). I should also add that Frankie D’Armata is doing amazing things with colors too. For… reasons… this book is sort of an extra pain to color, but he’s killing it!

Any final hints and teases you can leave us with? Issue #1 suggested this will be a story that has quite a bit of humor to it, but quite a bit of emotional intensity as well...

Tonally, I think Rogue & Gambit is primarily a very fun action-adventure caper with a strong romance element. Jokes are certainly my favorite thing ever and I had a lot of fun finding that chemistry between Rogue & Gambit – something that I think has always been there, but has maybe not always been taken advantage of? And yes, I think there’s some good emotional stuff here too – something for everyone. And for readers that want to look for it, I think there’s also a secondary layer that’s a bit more esoteric…that has some deeper meaning about life and love, about how we’re all twisted together, like it or not.

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