How Rogue & Gambit Will Confront Their Pasts & Future Together

In this initial issue, we got hints and glimpses of your title characters' pasts. And if the first page and the later covers in this series are any indication, you're going to be diving headfirst into it in a big way. Can you talk at all about that and what it means?

The big challenge to me when I was asked to pitch the book was that these characters are not currently together and have a ton of really bad baggage that we’d love to leave behind – to give the characters a nice clean slate. But jettisoning continuity is a bit of a cheat, and one that doesn’t always work in my opinion since fans always like different stuff. What I hate, the next guy may love, etc., into infinity.

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But it felt really important to me that we sort of “clear the field” to make room for new stories for Rogue and Gambit. It was also important that we find a way that readers could jump in without having read everything that happened – good and bad – to these characters for the last 20 years. So what I did was just build addressing those issues directly into the plot – their baggage is literally the crux of this miniseries – but in a way that I hope is enlightening instead of overwhelming.

I can’t say too much more without giving too much away, but I hope we’re successful in both bringing in lapsed fans who may have lost touch with the characters, and also the die-hards that have followed these characters religiously and know every panel of their history, but that would also like to see these characters forge a new path – together. Time will tell how successful I was in that mission!

One great thing we had working for us I think is that I’m at least a little bit of an expert on Rogue and Gambit. My editor Darren [Shan] is newer to the characters, and so he’s a great guide for when I was getting too deep in the weeds. More than once on the phone he had to reel me back in. “Kelly, I have no idea what these characters are you're talking about.” “Okay, Darren, good note… good note.” And then it was back to the drawing board for me! [Laughs]

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