Roger Langridge's <i>Muppets</i> comic in limbo

On his blog, cartoonist Roger Langridge muses on the fate of the last Muppet Show comics he drew for BOOM! Studios. We learned a few weeks ago that Disney had moved the license for Pixar comics from BOOM!, which had been making them for two years, to Marvel, but the fate of The Muppet Show license was conspicuously not mentioned. From what Langridge says, though, it looks like BOOM! has lost that license as well, leaving Langridge's last Muppets story arc, The Four Seasons, in limbo:

As far as I understand it, the unpublished work I've done for Boom isn't technically Disney's until it's published, and obviously Boom can't publish it without a license. So it's in a kind of limbo right now. In the best of all possible worlds, I'd like to think that Boom and Marvel can come to some kind of arrangement whereby Marvel can eventually release the work.

He posted a few inked pages from the story to tide us over while the suits figure it all out. BOOM! Studios had no comment.

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