Roger Langridge stepping down from the Muppet Show comic

Citing personal reasons, Roger Langridge announced on his blog today that he will no longer be drawing the Muppet Show comics for BOOM! Studios although he will wind up his run on The Four Seasons. He promises he will return, but probably not on that project:

"Thing is, I was ready to move on - this personal situation made me jump when I did, but I was looking for an appropriate time to jump anyway," he wrote on his blog. "I feel like I've done about as much as I can with the Muppet characters - really, I'd rather move on while it's still fun than carry on grinding away long past the point where I'm enjoying it."

Langridge's work on the Muppet Show comics was well received by critics, as was his writing for Thor: The Mighty Avenger, which was recently canceled by Marvel.

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