Roger Langridge makes two New Year's resolutions

If you haven't already been following Roger Langridge's blog, Hotel Fred, now is the time to start: Langridge has made two New Year's resolutions, and the first is to post something every day:

I've come to understand that, in times when cartoonists can't expect to have their own comic book series, a website is the nearest thing most of us will ever get to our own one-man anthology. So the goal is to post 365 posts this year, with artistic content in each post. If I skip a day, I play catch-up next day. No slacking!

Langridge kicked it off with the cover of Popeye #12, and yes, that is Barney Google and his horse Sparkplug peeking out on the upper right. Langridge says, "I'm really thrilled to be working on a Barney story, the first one not to feature that irritating little tick Snuffy Smith for about three quarters of a century." And he is providing some glimpses into the Langridge household, which apparently is a very silly place, with a comic about walking his daughter to school and another based on his son's creation Pinkbeard the Pirate.

So far, Langridge's resolution is lasting longer than most people's. And his other resolution? "To at least write and thumbnail, and ideally complete, a personal long-form project, outside of the direct-market comic-shop model I've been clinging to for the last couple of years." This could be an interesting year.

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