Roger Langridge has a trio of new comics due out soon

Freshly returned from Heroes Con, Roger Langridge wants you to know that he has a number of projects that will be bearing fruit later this year.

First up is Snarked! from BOOM! Studios' all-ages line kaboom, in which Langridge riffs on Lewis Carroll's characters the Walrus and the Carpenter (from Through the Looking Glass). CBR has a preview so you can get a taste. Langridge has added a few lines to Carroll's poem and taken the Walrus's lovable-rascal character to new heights.

Next, Langridge is adapting Edgar Rice Burroughs's John Carter novels for Marvel, starting with John Carter: A Princess of Mars (which sounds like it's going to be about a transgender John Carter, although I doubt that's the case—we'll have to wait for the manga for that), due out in September.

Finally, a treasure trove for Langridge fans: The Show Must Go On, a 200+ page collection of Langridge's comics that spans his career, including Mugwhump the Great, which just wrapped up on Act-I-Vate. The collection will be published by Boom Town, BOOM!'s indy comics imprint, and Langridge says it will be ready in time for SPX this fall.

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