Roger Langridge adapting unproduced Jim Henson screenplay

Roger Langridge, who earned acclaim for his run on BOOM! Studios' The Muppets, will return to the world of Jim Henson in October with Jim Henson's The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow.

Published by Archaia, the graphic novel is an adaptation of a 1960s screenplay for an unproduced Thanksgiving television special by Henson and Jerry Juhl, later head writer of The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock and co-writer of five of the first six Muppet feature films. According  to USA Today, the script had been in the Henson archives for decades, along with Tale of Sand, which was adapted in 2012 as a graphic novel by Ramon Perez.

The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow is set in 1968 in Turkey Hollow, New Hampshire -- the turkey capital of the state -- which is populated by more than 3,000 turkeys but just 27 people. Unknown to them, an egg carry seven aliens crash-landed nearby centuries before, with each of the furry creatures possessing the ability to create a different musical sound. They finally make their presence known when one day they provide accompaniment for young Timmy Henderson as plays guitar by a stream. But the newfound friends quickly become pawns in a scheme involving missing turkeys and an attempted land grab.

"A lot of the substance of the tale is Timmy discovering his self-confidence — and his own emerging talent — through his friendship with the musical monsters, and learning to stand up for what's important to him," Langridge tells USA Today.

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