Rodriguez Wants to Follow <i>Sin City 2</i> With <i>Fire and Ice</i>

Robert Rodriguez, an already-busy writer, director and producer, will be packing the next year with projects. He's now working on Machete Kills, which he might have to pass off to another director if his other summer-shooting film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For requires more of his attention. But that's not all. Rodriguez told The Hollywood Reporter that his remake of Fire and Ice, the 1983 animated feature by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta, will be shot immediately following the Sin City sequel.

"That’s in the works to go right into after Sin City, Frank Frazetta’s Fire and Ice," he said. "We’re almost done with the script; we’ve got it pretty much 70 percent there. I’m really excited about that one."

Rodriguez's intention is to use similar film making techniques to the ones he utilized in the original Sin City to make it feel like the film was created by Frazetta himself. A huge fan of the man's paintings and work, Rodriguez also has plans to show off a series of Frazetta's paintings at a gallery in Austin.

Where this leaves another longtime Rodriguez remake project, Heavy Metal, remains to be seen. Knowing Rodriguez, though, he's probably hard at work on a script and pre-production on that and another dozen or so projects.

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